VK Dance Center Miami

Excellent teacher and staff of course and amazing classmates… all combined and working hard together in a great studio w/ a positive mind and vibe. The ambient is just awesome, welcoming and supportive…recommended 100+%

Manuel C
Manuel S.
Laredo, TX

This is a great place to take salsa & bachata classes! The instructors are really nice. I had a lot of fun in the bachata lessons.

Vivianne M.
Vivianne M.
Miami, FL

Amazing place to learn how to dance. The ballroom is elegant and big with a second studio on the second floor perfect for smaller classes or private lessons. Too many classes to pick from 🙂

Miguel Angel P.
Miguel Angel P.
Miami, FL

Best studio for salsa, bachata and body-isolations. Beautiful floor and the best instructors.

Marcela D
Marcela D.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ah, the wonders of South Florida include surf, sounds and DANCE.  VK Dance Studio is conveniently located right on163rd st, with plenty of free parking for all.  I’ve had the fortune of taking dance classes in many places.  Some studios are a little worn down, others are run by staff who seem disinterested in individuals.  This is not the case for VK.  The studio offers all kinds of classes throughout the week, I’ve taken some Friday Swing and Wednesday Zouk classes and can easily assure you that they will welcome you with open arms.  They even remembered my name on the second visit 😀

Just minutes away from Aventura Mall and Miami’s sexy beaches, VK Dance is a great way to warm up before a big night out on the town.  Time to stop watching Miami shows on TV to starting being a PART of South Florida’s envious culture.  In a pinch, the Ale House is just next door for a refreshing after class treat.

Yahve P.
Yahve P.
Hollywood, FL

I’ve been learning from Hervin for a few years now for salsa, bachata & cha cha cha.

He will not only help you learn to dance but guide you in the direction so you can feel the music you are dancing to. That’s the essence in dance (any dance) is to feel the music, to connect with your partner on the dance floor, his instruction provides that.

From learning patterns, foot work shines or Afro-Caribbean body isolations Hervin at Latin Dance Movement is definitely the way to go from beginner to advanced dancing level.

Highly recommended!!!

Daniel D.
Daniel D.
Miami, FL

Love this studio and instructor Hervin is mega talented and dedicated and did I mention sexy… oh yeah sexy

I believe knowing how to dance increases a Man’s appeal to Women , so learn and learn from the MAN! jajajja

Barbara M.
Barbara M.
Miami Beach, FL

This is the best place to take salsa dance lessons. I was looking to take dance classes in Miami and I came here!…

Juniette A.
Juniette A.
Miami, FL

If you’re looking to learn to dance, REALLY dance, just not learn few steps, this is the place to do it.  He’s a wonderful and intuitive instructor who will make you feel comfortable and confident from the very first lesson. You really learn to FEEL the music and connect with your partner, which is more essential than the steps themselves. Not to mention, his bachata is pretty BADASS. Check him out and tell him I sent ya. :-*

Dani V.
Dani V.
Miami, FL

Awesome studio for dance classes. Great place to take salsa classes! The bachata classes are really fun. It’s a great environment, I would recommend it.

D.j. Mike C.
D.j. Mike C.
Miami Beach, FL

VK Dance Center New York

Oksana is an amazing dance teacher. I have taken many private lessons and group classes with her and have never been disappointed. Oksana is a great role model who gives clear and concise advice and a teacher who cares about her students. She always tries to help me reach my full potential and patiently teachers me while giving constructive criticism. Oksana has always been supportive in every stage of my growth as a dancer. I have learned so much from her and would recommend Oksana to anyone looking for teacher to help you advance in your dancing!

I have learned so much from Oksana
Jessica Wong

VK Dance. Been with it for half my life when I joined them in 2006. I have had many great moments during these years and a lot of success. I was taught everything from creativity to discipline. The classes are always fun with something new everyday. The shows we prepare for so much come out amazing and great for everyone to watch. Getting ready and competing at competitions is the best.
-Yury Sankov

I was taught everything from creativity to discipline.
Yury Sankov

I love VK Dance!! As a student for over three years, VK Dance Manhattan has become a second family. It has an extremely positive and motivating atmosphere for dancers of a wide range of ages and levels, and provides one of the only predominantly teenage Latin ballroom group classes in Manhattan. The group lessons, no matter what size, are very personal. Each person receives individual attention from world-class coach Oksana Zolotarevskaya and one or more skilled male assistants, and on occasion, from Kanevsky himself. One of my favorite aspects of the class is that while it is very detail-orianted, exposing personal style is heavily encouraged. The studio itself is within five minutes from the Subway, PATH train and Penn Station, making it a convenient commute from all over New York City and New Jersey.

I love VK Dance!!
Nina Zaks

I have been with VKdance for 6 years now. It’s the most fun and awesome place to be to learn ballroom.It has a nurturing atmosphere that just inspires you to dance more. You have world renowned teachers and audjudicators who guide you all the way whether you’re a social or competitive dancer. Equipped with the complete knowledge and understanding of the discipline, this place is the epitome of ballroom dancing. You will find the essence of ballroom dancing at it’s very core that defines no age.

The most fun and awesome place to learn ballroom
Kim Yu Tiamco

My name is Cherry Wang. The first time I met Oxana was at a group lesson at Penn State, she was very clear in giving instruction, and very straight forward in pointing out my problem. So right after I moved to New York, I went direct to Oxana to take her group lesson. She really cares about us, and helps us constantly to achieve our goal. She is very passionate and also try to pass the spirit to us. I’m glad I’m on the right track. Thanks to Oxana.

Caring and professional instructors
Cherry Wang

Dear ballroom lovers,

Oksana has taught me now for almost half a year and I can honestly say that it was life changing. Not only did my dancing improve technically, she has taught me everything I know about latin ballroom. In three months, under her warm guidance I was able to compete in open level and place in semi finals. She helps her students reach their maximum potential and showcases their talent. Not only is Oksana an amazing teacher, she is also a loving and caring person who cares about all her students. My life had changed for the better ever since I joined VK dance. I have met new friends, gained confidence, and made dramatic improvements in my dancing. You will not regret joining VK dance and meeting legendary teachers like Oksana and Victor. If you love to dance then give it a try!


Life changing
Monica Lee

VK dance lessons, instead of being held in a private studio, are held at Manhattan Ballroom, where there are dancers that have 1 week of experience to dancers that have 12 years of it. Having this exposure around you before and after every lesson opens up the world of dance to you. So picture this, you come to class, and on your way to the end of the ballroom to your partitioned class section, you notice a lady who you see dancing with her teacher every week. Week after week you see her getting better and better, turning faster, holding her balance longer, sharpening her movement and smiling more. You don’t even know this lady, and you’re somehow already proud of her. She becomes what motivates you to practice and focus and have fun while dancing. You see dresses being made in the fitting room for her, you see her preparing for competitions etc. That single lady, whom which you have never interacted with somehow inspired you to improve yourself. That’s one of the reasons VK dance is like no other studio in New York. No where else will you find the same amount of privacy yet complete openness and exposure in a studio. I recommend these classes to beginners as well as very active dancers. Oksana will bring you to a world of authentic dance with memorable dance analogies so that you’re ready for competition or a showcase in no time.

Diverse experience
Sharon Krasnyuk

VK Dance Center in NYC is incredible; the dance group here is very nourishing for competitive dancers to grow and improve, yet it is like a family here, fun and stress-free. As a post-college ballroom dancer, I have spent months searching for a good place to keep up and advance my dancing. When I learned of VK Dance, I know I have found it. I partake in a class lead by Oksana and I know right away that I am receiving superior instruction and information. The level of the lesson is of the highest caliber, as her knowledge in dancing is absolutely remarkable. The lesson strikes a good balance between fundamentals in dances and advanced figures that are rarely taught in other group classes. Now I would not look elsewhere for dance lessons!

Peter Ung

For anyone who loves to dance and wants to pursue it, VK Dance is the way to go. The small class size allows us to get a lot of attention from Oksana, who pushes us to become the best dancers we can be. This small class size makes for a community environment to VK that both helps us to become better dancers and to make lasting friendships. The warm environment allows us to find times to practice together and improve, as well as travel to competitions together. All in all, VK is a studio that through its environment will make you feel comfortable around both the teachers and the students and allow you to improve greatly. If you love to dance, come to VK!

VK Dance is the way to go!
Daniella Levine

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